We offer a large variety of dessert options for your guests. Sweet's Tables are typically based on how many people you're inviting. In our experience, a good quantity of desserts is 3-6 per person. All desserts are a couple bites and guests usually take a few of each to try everything. Email us at cakes@autumnnomad.com for a quote. All desserts are a couple bites and guests usually take a few of each to try everything. 

Cutting Cakes

If you're hoping to still do a cake cutting ceremony, but want to offer your guests other sweets, we can create a little cake just for you. Cutting cakes start at $40 for a 4inch, $50 for a 6 inch, which includes a simple wedding design. Some couples will increase the size of their cutting cake to a two or three tier, with a custom design. Pricing for this will be on a project base depending on the size of each tier, servings, and level of artistry. Please email us at cakes@autumnnomad.com for a quote!


sweets and treats menu


Seasonal cookies and special requests are accepted.

Lemon Ricotta Cookies- $26 per dozen

Rosemary Shortbread Cookies - $20 per dozen

Maple Molasses Cookies - $20 per dozen

Italian Wedding Cookies - $22 per dozen

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies - $26 per dozen

Snickerdoodle Cookies - $26 per dozen

Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter - $20 per dozen


Whole Wedding Pies start at $24 per pie and have about 8-10 servings.

 More detailed pie art designs are priced per project.

Fruit - Wild Maine Blueberry, Mixed Berry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Apple, Apple Bourbon Pear

Cream - Coconut, Chocolate, Banana, Lemon, Key Lime

Mini Fruit Pies with crumb - $4.50 per pie

Mini Fruit Pies with double crust - $5 per pie

Fruit Hand Pies - $4.50 per pie

** We recommend large pies for weddings. They are beautiful, make for a great display, they are less expensive and there is more filling per slice. More bang for your buck!


Our bars are made of short bread or graham cracker crust.


Raspberry Bars - $28 per dozen

Blackberry Thyme Bars - $28 per dozen

Wild Maine Blueberry and Rosemary Bars - $28 per dozen

Lemon Bars - $28 per dozen

Chocolate Nut Layered Bars - $30 per dozen

Key Lime and Coconut Bars - $28 per dozen


Tarts come in a sweet butter crust shell or chocolate. They are available in minis, and large. Large tarts serve 8-10.


Lemon - fresh lemon curd, homemade whipped cream, fresh lemon slice

Mixed Fruit - pastry cream, home made whipped cream, fresh Fruit

Strawberries and Cream - strawberry sauce, homemade whipped cream and fresh strawberries

Key Lime - made with real key lime juice, key lime curd, homemade whipped cream, fresh lime slice

Caramel Nutella - homemade caramel, nutella, hazelnut garnish

Raspberry Ganache - layered homemade raspberry sauce, ganache, fresh raspberry

Mini - $30 per dozen

Large - $24 each, 8-10 servings


Our cannolis are homemade with a blend of mascarpone and ricotta cheese, and available in small and large sizes.


Traditional - made with vanilla bean and lemon zest




Additional flavors available upon request

$34 per dozen - mini's (about 2.5 in, 3 bites)

$58 per dozen - large (about 4.5 in, they're big!)


Our cupcakes start at $40 per dozen for basic flavors.

Specialty flavors start at $45 per dozen.

Farm to table flavors are $50 per dozen.

For weddings and events, we recommend 1 per person, plus 2-3 dozen extra. 


Brownies are about 2in by 3 in, 2-3 bites.


Traditional Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Coconut, Mixed Nuts

$28 per dozen

Whoopie Pies:

A New England Classic! These are about 2-3 bites, the perfect size!


Traditional - Chocolate Cake, vanilla filling (blend of our buttercream and fluff)

Fillings for traditional chocolate cake - peanut butter, raspberry, strawberry. Nutella, mint, coconut

Pumpkin - Pumpkin cake, spiced whoopie filling

Additional Flavors available upon request

$38 per dozen

Cake Tables

A great way to save money on a tiered cake, but to still give the illusion of a larger dessert display, we offer cake tables! These are made up of multiple, single tiered cakes starting at $4.50 a slice, and all displayed on a table together. Cake tables help create a gorgeous display. If you have a very large guest count, and having a highly decorated cake to feed everyone can get expensive. By having a smaller 3 or 4 tier artistic cake, and a cake display of single tiered cakes, you'll be able to save a little extra money!