Wedding Cakes

Images by Lindsay Hackney, Florals by Emily Herzig - EH Florals. Taken at the Preserve at Chocorua, Tamworth, New Hampshire

We are so excited you are considering having Autumn Nomad be a part of your special day! In our first year 2017, we worked with 60 couples to help create the perfect desserts for their weddings. Everything from detailed, custom cakes to dessert tables and more. As wedding professionals, we strive to offer you high quality desserts to fit all styles and budgets. We are now booking for 2018 and 2019, offering cakes, dessert tables, and cupcakes. As of 2018, we will also be offering day of catering for while you're getting ready, like assorted sandwich platters, veggie platters, meat & cheese boards, and more! 

Here you'll find all of the information you'll need to know about working with us and what we offer! Please email or use the form in the contact us section to email us directly. We are happy to answer any questions, get you a quote or schedule a tasting.

Image created by Emily Delameter Photography

Image created by Emily Delameter Photography

Image created by Rachel Buckley Weddings

Image created by Rachel Buckley Weddings


The Perfect Cake

If you're interested in a custom designed cake, you've come to the right place! We specialize in specialty, one-of-a-kind, artistic designs. Pricing for this type of cake is based on a per project basis, depending on the difficulty of the design and artistic level. We do everything from custom toppers, hand painting, sculptures, sugar lace, hand piping, and sculpted cakes. The sky is the limit here! 

We offer a variety of styles from rustic naked cakes or messy buttercream, to birch cakes, and custom designed cakes. Your cake design starts with a few simple questions: what is your guest count, what is the date of your event and where are you getting married? From there, we'll discuss your budget, flavors, theme, florals, etc. We love visualizing your dream wedding and designing a custom cake just for you!  

Our goal is to fit within all budgets and styles. We take pride in what we do and our honored to be a part of your special day:

"I pride myself in working with all of my clients personally, and treating them like they are friends. I understand that weddings can get expensive fast or become overwhelming. I'm here to help answer any questions you have to make this adventure of designing your wedding fun! Not stressful! There are many creative ways to have a beautiful wedding cake or desserts within all budgets. Whether you desire a 6-tier cake covered in a custom hand painting and sugar flowers or a simple single tier, messy buttercream cake with cupcakes, we're here to help!" - Jaime, owner and cake artist


Pricing for cakes is based a variety of things. For our tiered cakes, pricing starts at $6 a slice. We don't charge you for the top tier of a tiered cake, as our gift to you for working with us! We will discuss different cake options to find the cake that is right for you. 

Simple designs like messy buttercream, naked cakes and smooth buttercream do not have an additional design fee. In our 2017 gallery, you will see a few versions of these cakes. They are beautiful, simple and within our basic pricing level. We will discuss the size of your cake with your florist, to take one thing off of your plate. At your cake set up, our cake designers will apply the flowers to your cake.


Everything we do is custom, down to making homemade sauces and fillings, buttercream and cake flavors. We use local and fresh ingredients when necessary. There are a large variety of flavor options in our cake section

Basic cake flavors like vanilla, chocolate or even lemon are in our basic flavor pricing. Fillings may go up to $6.5 a slice. A custom, specialty flavor is priced according to the flavor. For example, our Bananas Foster cake is a banana cake made with real bananas, soaked in homemade caramel and filled with a Rum buttercream. This cake is a specialty flavor at $6.5 a slice. 

Most couples choice two flavors. In a 3-tier cake to feed 50, for example, the bottom tier would be one flavor like Champagne Raspberry, (Champagne cake filled with homemade raspberry sauce, fresh raspberries and champagne buttercream). The top two flavors could be another flavor like our Chocolate Blackberry Espresso, (Chocolate cake, soaked with espresso ganache, homemade blackberry sauce, fresh blackberries and espresso buttercream).

By choosing two flavors, you would have equal amounts of both flavors and offer something chocolatey and something more vanilla based for your guests. Keep in mind the more flavors you choose, the less servings per flavor. We will recommend flavors to you and help guide you on how many flavors are best for your guest count. Some couples keep it simple and pick one flavor, and that is great too!

It is then up to you and your venue on how the cake is served. You can choose to have your cake served at the table settings, or put onto a cake table that is self serve. If you choose two flavors, your venue will typically alternate the flavors at each place setting. This works great when you are looking for a more formal event. The second option is to have the cake put onto a table for your guests to take. This is fun and slightly more casual, which can be great. For the cake fans, this may give guests to try both flavors! With this option, we recommend labeling the flavor of the cake so your guests know what is what!

Our Cakes

Our cakes are typically triple layers, meaning 3 layers of cake and two layers of filling, (sauces, fresh fruit and buttercream). When picking your flavor, you will have an option of cake, type of filling, and the type of buttercream. Double layer cakes are available upon request.

We use buttercream for most of our cakes. Special requests for additional frosting options are accepted. In the cake section, you will also see a variety of no-buttercream cakes like our Caramel Ganache or Lemon Ricotta cake. Those are available for weddings, however may not work will all designs. 

All cakes, sauces, fillings and frostings are made from scratch. We use good quality ingredients, and make everything custom. Local ingredients are used whenever possible.

What is buttercream? It's not just a clever name, it is literally creamed butter with natural flavorings and powdered sugar. If you are not a fan of the taste of butter, please ask about additional frosting options.


Frequently, we will work with Gluten-free, Dairy-free and Peanut-free allergies. In these circumstances, we do our absolute best to sanitize and take all necessary pre-cautions to offer you a satisfactory product. Please be aware that both of these allergies are airborne. We work with flour and nuts, and unfortunately can not make any 100% guarantees. Our facility is not certified Gluten-free or Peanut-Free.  We take these allergies very seriously and will do our absolute best. However, if you or a guest is severely allergic, they are consuming at their own risk. 

Most of the flavors we offer can be gluten-free. There are a variety of options in our cake section. Certain weddings we've worked with are highly allergic and chose to have all aspects of their desserts be gluten-free to avoid temptation or accidentally consuming the wrong dessert. Others chose to have only the top tier of the cake be gluten-free, and offer their guests our regular cake. We are able to accommodate other desserts as gluten-free upon special request.

If you are not gluten-free but you know you have a few guests who are, you can offer them a special gluten-free box of desserts for $10-$20, depending on what you choose. This typically consists of a whoopie pie, cookie and cupcake. In this instance, we would put the guests name on the box and give it to the staff directly. We don't recommend displaying gluten-free desserts on a sweet's table, as what may happen are those guests trying to "be good", will take them and the guests who are actually allergic may not get it! 

 Another option is a small, personalized cake for those who are gluten free. This would be priced on servings. Our staff would deliver this directly to the venue and would help instruct the kitchen staff to serve it to the appropriate guests.

Delivery, Set Up, and Pick up Orders

Delivery and Set up fees are based on location, difficulty and amount of time involved in delivery. All Jackson venues start at $100 for delivery and set up. Most wedding deliveries take minimum an hour. This fee is your insurance that your desserts will be professionally set up and delivered. Extra fees may apply for deliveries to mountain venues like Wildcat Resort or North Peak at Sunday River where a gondola ride is involved. There is a lot involved when delivering, including coordinating with venue, boxing up desserts safely, driving mountain roads, transporting stands, setting them up, applying floral or accent details, making sure restock is refrigerated properly, etc. Setting up a tiered cake, an elaborate display or dessert table may require additional set up fees.

For pick up orders, we ensure your desserts are boxed appropriately for travel. We will assist you in packing up your to ensure the safety of your desserts. Some cakes may not be recommended for pick up.






We have a variety of stands that you can rent. Pricing for this is based on how many stands you are renting. As part of your delivery and set up, we will bring the stands and fully set up your desserts. The following day, we will go back to your venue to pick these up for you, unless discussed otherwise. The fees to rent range from a smaller stump or glass stand for a smaller cake at $25 up to a custom built stand for $150. 

Custom stands are designed just to fit your design and are built especially for you. These are based on the design and amount of structural detail. You may also use your own stands if you have some you would like! We will need to see them prior to the event, to make sure they will work and confirm sturdiness.

"How your desserts are displayed can really add another fun element to your event! These images were taken at Wildcat Mountain by Inspired Photography on August 26, 2017. This couple was so fun and wanted a creative design! I got fresh flowers from Dutch Bloemenwinkle and attached them to fishing line. Behind the cake, I put burlap on the wall. I then made a fun garland covered in greenery. From there, I hung the flowers on fishing line, and also strips of colorful ribbon. It looked the flowers were floating behind the cake. This was a great way to jazz up their display and made a great back drops for pictures!" - Jaime

Cake Stands

We have a variety of stands that you can rent. Pricing for this is based on how many stands you are renting. As part of your delivery and set up, we will bring the stands and fully set up your desserts. The following day, we will go back to your venue to pick these up for you, unless discussed otherwise. The fees to rent range from a smaller stump or glass stand for a smaller cake at $25 up to a custom built stand for $150. 

Custom stands are designed just to fit your design and are built especially for you. These are based on the design and amount of structural detail. You may also use your own stands if you have some you would like! We will need to see them prior to the event, to make sure they will work and confirm sturdiness.

Booking and Scheduling a Consultation

To schedule a tasting, please email us at or call 603-383-8227. We are closed Mondays, and only in on Tuesdays for prep. Email is best on the off days. We book up fairly quickly, and have limited availability for 2018 already. Please call or email to check if we are available for your date. 

Tastings are complimentary if you book with us. Consultations are usually about an hour and you will have the opportunity to try a variety of flavors that we are offering in our case that day and this includes specialty coffee drinks, tea, water. During our meeting, we will discuss your event in full. We'll go over details like your theme, colors, design, guest count, flavors, dessert table, delivery and set up time, florals, etc. 

The deposit to book is $350, this is a non-refundable deposit that secures your date with us. This will come off of your overall balance. Payments are then split into two payments: half of your balance is due two months from your event date and your balance is due at your two week review. At that point, we will go over your final guest count and confirm your desserts. Your balance is then readjusted and the balance is paid.

If you decide you would like to book and secure your date, but don't plan on visiting the Jackson area for a couple months, that is ok! You can reserve your date and we can discuss your event over the phone and via email. We handle so many destination weddings and we understand you may not live locally. We're here to help, send pictures and designs via email, quotes, flavors, etc. Then at your leisure, we can do a more formal, in person sit down. 

If your event is less than $350, the deposit is half of your total and your balance is due two weeks from your event. For specialty events, like elaborate cakes and display set ups, or events over 300 people, that require us to turn down additional events, a special deposit of a third of the overall total is due at booking. 

For payments, we request checks be mailed to P.O. Box 419, Jackson, New Hampshire, 03846. If you are unable to pay by check, you can pay by credit card in person or over the phone. 

2017 Wedding Cakes

Sweets and Dessert Tables

Not everyone loves cake. We offer a large variety of dessert options for your guests. Sweet's Tables are typically based on how many people you're inviting. In our experience, a good quantity of desserts is 3-6 per person. All desserts are a couple bites and guests usually take a few of each to try everything. Email us at for a quote. All desserts are a couple bites and guests usually take a few of each to try everything. 


Seasonal cookies and special requests are accepted.

Lemon Ricotta Cookies- $24 per dozen

Rosemary Shortbread Cookies - $20 per dozen

Maple Molasses Cookies - $18 per dozen

Italian Wedding Cookies - $20 per dozen

Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter - $18 per dozen


Whole Wedding Pies start at $24 per pie and have about 8-10 servings.

 More detailed pie art designs are priced per project.

Fruit - Wild Maine Blueberry, Mixed Berry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Apple, Apple Bourbon Pear

Cream - Coconut, Chocolate, Banana, Lemon, Key Lime

Mini Fruit Pies with crumb - $3.50 per pie

Mini Fruit Pies with double crust - $4 per pie

Fruit Hand Pies - $3.50 per pie

** We recommend large pies for weddings. They are beautiful, make for a great display, they are less expensive and there is more filling per slice. More bang for your buck!


Our bars are made of short bread or graham cracker crust.


Raspberry Bars - $28 per dozen

Blackberry Thyme Bars - $28 per dozen

Wild Maine Blueberry and Rosemary Bars - $28 per dozen

Lemon Bars - $28 per dozen

Chocolate Nut Layered Bars - $30 per dozen

Key Lime and Coconut Bars - $28 per dozen


Tarts come in a sweet butter crust shell or chocolate. They are available in minis, and large. Large tarts serve 8-10.


Lemon - fresh lemon curd, homemade whipped cream, fresh lemon slice

Mixed Fruit - pastry cream, home made whipped cream, fresh Fruit

Strawberries and Cream - strawberry sauce, homemade whipped cream and fresh strawberries

Key Lime - made with real key lime juice, key lime curd, homemade whipped cream, fresh lime slice

Caramel Nutella - homemade caramel, nutella, hazelnut garnish

Raspberry Ganache - layered homemade raspberry sauce, ganache, fresh raspberry

Mini - $30 per dozen

Large - $24 each, 8-10 servings


Our cannolis are homemade with a blend of mascarpone and ricotta cheese, and available in small and large sizes.


Traditional - made with vanilla bean and lemon zest




Additional flavors available upon request

$32 per dozen - mini's (about 2.5 in, 3 bites)

$55 per dozen - large (about 4.5 in, they're big!)


Our cupcakes start at $35 per dozen for basic flavors.

Specialty flavors start at $40 per dozen.

Farm to table flavors are $50 per dozen.

For weddings and events, we recommend 1 per person, plus 2-3 dozen extra. 


Brownies are about 2in by 3 in, 2-3 bites.


Traditional Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Coconut, Mixed Nuts

$28 per dozen

Whoopie Pies:

A New England Classic! These are about 2-3 bites, the perfect size!


Traditional - Chocolate Cake, vanilla filling (blend of our buttercream and fluff)

Fillings for traditional chocolate cake - peanut butter, raspberry, strawberry. Nutella, mint, coconut

Pumpkin - Pumpkin cake, spiced whoopie filling

Additional Flavors available upon request

$36 per dozen


Elopements and Anniversarys

Let us help you celebrate your anniversary or elopement! Our small cakes start at $25 for a 4in cake to feed up to 6 people. For a simple, wedding design, prices typically range from $30-$50. For a small delivery fee, we can bring this right to your dinner reservation in the area. Pick from our choice of flavors and let us design a beautiful, little cake to help you celebrate 30 years of marriage or start a new life together. Whatever the size of your event, we're here to make it special.