Everything we do is custom, down to making homemade sauces and fillings, buttercream and cake flavors. We use local and fresh ingredients when necessary.

Basic cake flavors like vanilla, chocolate or even lemon are in our basic flavor pricing. Fillings may go up to $7.5 a slice. A custom, specialty flavor is priced according to the flavor. For example, our Bananas Foster cake is a banana cake made with real bananas, soaked in homemade caramel and filled with a Rum buttercream. This cake is a specialty flavor at $7.50 a slice. 

Most couples choice two flavors. In a 3-tier cake to feed 50, for example, the bottom tier would be one flavor like Champagne Raspberry, (Champagne cake filled with homemade raspberry sauce, fresh raspberries and champagne buttercream). The top two flavors could be another flavor like our Chocolate Blackberry Espresso, (Chocolate cake, soaked with espresso ganache, homemade blackberry sauce, fresh blackberries and espresso buttercream).

By choosing two flavors, you would have equal amounts of both flavors and offer something chocolatey and something more vanilla based for your guests. Keep in mind the more flavors you choose, the less servings per flavor. We will recommend flavors to you and help guide you on how many flavors are best for your guest count. Some couples keep it simple and pick one flavor, and that is great too!

It is then up to you and your venue on how the cake is served. You can choose to have your cake served at the table settings, or put onto a cake table that is self serve. If you choose two flavors, your venue will typically alternate the flavors at each place setting. This works great when you are looking for a more formal event. The second option is to have the cake put onto a table for your guests to take. This is fun and slightly more casual, which can be great. For the cake fans, this may give guests to try both flavors! With this option, we recommend labeling the flavor of the cake so your guests know what is what!

Our Cakes

Our cakes are typically triple layers, meaning 3 layers of cake and two layers of filling, (sauces, fresh fruit and buttercream). When picking your flavor, you will have an option of cake, type of filling, and the type of buttercream. Double layer cakes are available upon request.

We use buttercream for most of our cakes. Special requests for additional frosting options are accepted. In the flavor section, you will also see a variety of no-buttercream cakes like our Caramel Ganache or Lemon Ricotta cake. Those are available for weddings, however may not work will all designs. 

All cakes, sauces, fillings and frostings are made from scratch. We use good quality ingredients, and make everything custom. Local ingredients are used whenever possible.

What is buttercream? It's not just a clever name, it is literally creamed butter with natural flavorings and powdered sugar. If you are not a fan of the taste of butter, please ask about additional frosting options.


Frequently, we will work with Gluten-free, Dairy-free and Peanut-free allergies. In these circumstances, we do our absolute best to sanitize and take all necessary pre-cautions to offer you a satisfactory product. Please be aware that both of these allergies are airborne. We work with flour and nuts, and unfortunately can not make any 100% guarantees. Our facility is not certified Gluten-free or Peanut-Free.  We take these allergies very seriously and will do our absolute best. However, if you or a guest is severely allergic, they are consuming at their own risk. 

Most of the flavors we offer can be gluten-free. There are a variety of options in our flavor section. Certain weddings we've worked with are highly allergic and chose to have all aspects of their desserts be gluten-free to avoid temptation or accidentally consuming the wrong dessert. Others chose to have only the top tier of the cake be gluten-free, and offer their guests our regular cake. We are able to accommodate other desserts as gluten-free upon special request.

If you are not gluten-free but you know you have a few guests who are, you can offer them a special gluten-free box of desserts for $10-$20, depending on what you choose. This typically consists of a whoopie pie, cookie and cupcake. In this instance, we would put the guests name on the box and give it to the staff directly. We don't recommend displaying gluten-free desserts on a sweet's table, as what may happen are those guests trying to "be good", will take them and the guests who are actually allergic may not get it! 

 Another option is a small, personalized cake for those who are gluten free. This would be priced on servings. Our staff would deliver this directly to the venue and would help instruct the kitchen staff to serve it to the appropriate guests.